Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tiered Cake

Hey all,

I have been wanting to try and make a tiered cake all year, so I finally did it over the summer and I thought would share my experience. I didn't know I would be blogging it at the time so the pictures aren't step by step.

I made two 8-inch round cakes, stacked them with buttercream icing in the middle and gave them a crumb coating. I put the cake in the fridge to harden the icing. 
I have found that taking strips of parchment paper and putting them under that cake a little bit can help keep the stand clean when icing the cake.
I did a buttercream rose design on the sides with a Wliton 1M icing tip. This was the first time I ever tried roses and now I wish I had practiced more.

I took the cake board I was going to use for the next tier, placed it on top of the first cake and traced around it. I didn't measure how far it was from the sides so its not completely centered. I used cake pop sticks to support the 2nd tier. I put the first one in the middle of the out lined circle, took it out, trimmed it and the others then put them all in the cake them like so..

The two 6-inch cakes I did next. This is where I had some trouble, the 2nd of the smaller cakes didn't come out of the pan all the way (note to self remember to always grease the pan!) so I had to even-out the layers with extra icing. That's why it looks a bit rounded. I found that dipping your off-set spatula in water then running it over the icing will smooth it out pretty good. After smoothing out the icing I put the cake in the fridge to set so it would be easier to transfer on to the bigger cake.

Setting the small cake on the bigger one was relatively easy, it probably helps that I didn't need the bottom to look nice. If you aren't going to but a border around 2nd tier then I would suggest to do a crumb coating, transfer on to the other cake and then doing the final layer of icing.

I did little roses with a Wilton 22 tip for the border and then 4 on the sides at the top(does that make sense?) I used a Cake Boss 12 icing tip for the little dots connecting the roses. The easiest way I found to get them in a even sloped line is to put a dot on each side of the roses and then 1 in the middle between 2 of the roses a little lower than the bottom of the roses, then just add more dots to connect the dot in the middle to the dot on the side of the rose.

Although it took me a while get it all finished I was quite proud of my work.
I took a lot of time beforehand researching different ways to do a tiered cake (there defiantly are a lot) and everyone has a way that works for them. YouTube always has great tutorials and Pinterest has great ideas, that's where I got the inspiration for this cake. Hope you enjoyed this post. When did you make you first tiered cake? or when are you thinking of making one? leave your comments below!
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