Wednesday, October 14, 2015

About Me

Hey all,

I'm a homeschooled freshmen, I love baking and cooking (mostly baking though).  I am currently in the process of moving back to the U.S.A from living over seas, hence the International in the name. I guess I should have started this a while back when I was still "living" internationally, but better late then never.

This will be my 2nd blog, my 1st I ran with my younger sister and it didn't work out so well and by that I mean we haven't posted anything in about a year. I am hopeful that this one will go better seeing that it's about what interest me. I will be posting mostly sweet baking things recipes, tips etc. I'll throw in some food/cooking recipes every now and then. I can't wait to start but I can't promise a post a week or anything for now.

Keep it sweet,

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