Thursday, December 17, 2015

I'm Back!

Hey all,

Sorry for the long wait I have had the busiest past 3 weeks, between packing up our house to entertaining guest then traveling to 5 different countries and now trying to get over jet-lag. I just didn't have time to cook/bake a whole lot let alone post about it.
Any-who, enough about that. My family and I along with some close friends went on an amazing trip before we left. I really should say trips because we went to 3 different countries, Vietnam, Cambodia and Phuket Thailand. We had been to Thailand once before a few years ago but its defiantly a place you want to go to more than once.

In Vietnam we stayed 2 nights in Ho Chi Mien City and 1 night in Canto. Both places are cities that have a lot of hustle and bustle and  about a gazillion motorbikes.
The water in both Vietnam and Cambodia is a brown murky color, and it was very hot and humid when we were there so I wouldn't suggest going the middle of the summer.
We spent 4 nights in Seim Reap, Cambodia and saw the Ancient Wats which are ruins of old temples.

We went and saw a floating village in Cambodia, it was amazing to see how some people live in  conditions that we would deem unlivable.
Thailand was beautiful and as I said we had already been to Phuket, but it was still cool to see it again.
With all the traveling we did we were off by 12 hours, so our jet-lag was worse than our usual 9 hour time difference. It kinda feels weird being back in the U.S for the 2nd time this year, and knowing that we wont be going back to Dubai in 3 months will take some getting use-to but I'll adjust eventually. Anyway on a lighter note, I'd love to hear from ya'll so comment below and I will be posting something real soon.
Keep it sweet,

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